Frequently Asked Questions


What is the TARGIT trial?

TARGIT is an international clinical trail comparing targeted intraoperative radiotherapy (TARGIT) with conventional external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) for the treatment of early breast cancer.

Who is participating at the trial?

TARGIT is currently recruiting in nine countries (Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, UK and USA). Targit is currently open to accrual of patients and centers. For further details please contact.

What is the status of patient accrual?

The protocol specified goal 2232 will be randomised for the TARGIT trial. 

Can we still participate in the TARGIT trial?

Targit is currently open to accrual of patients and centers. We expect that the trial will be completed by the beginning of 2010.


TARGIT Therapy System

Which device is used for radiation delivery in the TARGIT trial?

The radiation source for the TARGIT trial is the INTRABEAM manufactured by Carl Zeiss.

What type of radiation is used?

The INTRABEAM X-ray source generates and emits a uniform spherical distribution of low energy X-ray (50kV max) which are released at the probe tip.

Is the INTRABEAM device only used for radiation treatment of breast cancer?

INTRABEAM radiotherapy is cleared for use in the treatment of solid tumors in all areas of the body and is used to irradiate brain tumors, tumors of the gastrointestinal tract and skin cancer. Further indicators are currently being clinically tested.