The INTRABEAM System Components

The INTRABEAM Miniature X-ray Source

The radiation dose is provided by a miniature X-ray source PRS 500 that can deliver X-ray energies up to 50kV. The X-ray point-source is ideal for treating from within the tumour or tumour bed. Low energy, high dose rate X-rays are emitted from the source in an isotropic pattern, uniformly irradiating the target tissue.

The INTRABEAM PRS 500 Control Unit

INTRABEAM PRS 500 Control UnitThe Control Console provides the operator interface and delivers low-voltage power to the miniature X-ray source, eliminating high-voltage risks. The miniature X-ray source is verified prior to use, and parameters are then set up within the control console software for treatment delivery. During the procedure, the control console monitors the system for safe and accurate dose delivery.Once the dose has been achieved, the control unit switches off automatically.

The INTRABEAM Applicators

A complete set of spherical applicators from 1.5 to 5.0 cm in diameter enable accurate placement into the tumour bed, ensuring contact with all surfaces of the treatment area, and uniform dose delivery. The reusable spherical applicators offer convenience and accuracy.

The INTRABEAM Surgical Support System

Mobile and flexible. Functions in any operating room and can easily be transported from one room to another in minutes. The stand offers perfect balancing and six degrees of freedom. Electromagnetic clutches lock the radiation source in the treatment position with millimetre precision. Reliability and performance in a surgical support system.


More information about the INTRABEAM System you can get at Carl Zeiss.